Avail Some More Information Regarding SQL Data Recovery

SQL database corruption is such situations that cannot be take casually because it affects organizational database badly, however, if some steps are taken on time, organizations can save their enterprise from being badly ruined. SQL Recovery software is the solution that supports recovering entire damaged MDF files stored with components such as triggers, stored procedures, views etc. SQL Data Recovery process is important to conduct to repair MS SQL database. This software is more reliable and can retrieve damaged MDF files and can repair Microsoft SQL Server database without disturbing its origianl data formatting.

Reasons That Corrupts MDF Database

  • SQL Server crash
  • Corrupted MDF database filers
  • Detection of torn page
  • Data deletion such as tables, system objects, records, stored procedures
  • Corruption in LDF log file  
  • I/O errors in SQL server
  • SQL database when found in suspected mode

List Of Erroneous Error Messages

  • Error Code 08000 : Description: Connection closed by unknown interrupt.
  • Error Code 08004: Description: Connection authentication failure occurred. Reason: <reasonText>.
  • Error Code 08004:Description: The connection was refused because the database <databaseName> was not found
  • Error Code 22008: Description: <argument>' is an invalid argument to the <functionName> function.
  • Error Code 2200L: Description: Values assigned to XML columns must be well-formed DOCUMENT nodes.
  • Error Code 28501: Description: Invalid database authorization property '<value>=<value>'.
  • Error Code 28502: Description: The user name '<authorizationID>' is not valid.
  • Error Code 42X34: Description: There is a ? parameter in the select list. This is not allowed.
  • Error Code 42X35: Description: It is not allowed for both operands of '<value>' to be ? parameters.
  • Error Code 42Y36: Description:  Column reference '<reference>' is invalid. For a SELECT list with a GROUP BY, the list may only contain grouping columns and valid aggregate expressions.

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